B2B eCommerce Whitepaper:

Building a Winning
B2B eCommerce Team

Read this whitepaper for recommendations and best practices on building a strong, successful B2B eCommerce team.


Who is this whitepaper for?

B2B eCommerce is not just another channel; it’s a full business strategy. In order to execute that strategy, businesses need to build the right team when embarking on a Digital Transformation journey.

This whitepaper is a must-read for:

  • Business Owners
  • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents
  • Business Development Executives
  • VP of Digital/eCommerce
  • Anyone interested in Digital Transformation

Why you should download this whitepaper?

B2B eCommerce is not a simple endeavor. It’s takes a group to make a B2B purchase, it requires a group to support a B2B sale, and it takes a group to properly manage B2B eCommerce operations. This whitepaper outlines the major roles you’ll need to consider when building a winning B2B eCommerce team.


Key Characteristics for Your eCommerce Leader

Identify which characteristics your digital leader should have to manage your website, grow your digital sales, and build your online brand.

Typical Team Members

In-House vs. Outsourcing

Most B2B eCommerce teams are a blend of full-time staff and hired contractors and the team’s composition fluctuates with company needs. Learn when it makes sense to outsource work and what responsibilities should be kept in-house.


Typical Team Members

Setting up a successful eCommerce business requires involvement from many different departments including IT, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Logistics and more. Learn how eCommerce affects each of these departments and set yourself up for success.

Selecting the Right Platform

Selecting the Right Platform

Ensuring your eCommerce platform is equipped to handle the nuances of B2B eCommerce can make or break your online strategy. See what other capabilities are good to have when setting up your B2B eCommerce store.

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