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Build vs Buy: Exploring your B2B eCommerce options

An eCommerce platform is the backbone of any online seller. It has a direct impact on sales growth, customer experience, and business success. This whitepaper will help you determine whether building an eCommerce platform from scratch or buying a vendor-built solution is right for you.


Who is this whitepaper for?

Before you embark on the journey of building your own B2B eCommerce platform or shortlist platform vendors, carefully weigh the viability of both options. The build or buy decision isn’t binary and depends on your time frame, budget, and solutions on the market that match your needs.

This whitepaper will be useful to:

  • Digital Commerce Directors
  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • CEOs and Leadership Teams
  • CTOs and IT Leaders
  • CFOs and Finance Teams

Why download this whitepaper?

While the B2B eCommerce vendor market is still in its infancy, B2B needs are growing increasingly complex. Today, more than ever, B2B businesses struggle to decide whether to build their eCommerce software themselves or buy a vendor-built solution.

This whitepaper explains both strategies in detail, the factors driving the build-vs-buy decision, the considerations and resources required for each approach, and whether there is an ideal middle-ground. We also talk about a third option and share two stories of businesses that made the most of this strategy.

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1. When should you build and when should you buy?

Businesses are all different, and so are their eCommerce needs. We go over why you might want to build your own or buy an off-the-shelf solution and which one is best suited for your organization.


2. What should you consider in the build-vs-buy decision?

The best eCommerce solution won’t necessarily be the cheapest or the most popular option out there. We explore the factors you must consider when selecting whether to build or buy your eCommerce solution.


3. What are the costs associated with building and buying?

Cost is an essential component of the build vs. buy decision. We break down the numbers of developing a custom solution or buying a ready-made product. We also compare the ongoing costs like maintenance and support.


4. Are there any alternatives to building and buying?

While both building and buying have their advantages, no single solution will work for 100% of cases. We describe how to get the best of both worlds without sacrificing functionality, time, and money.

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