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Future Roadmap

Sharing insights on the product roadmap and what is coming in OneSmile Commerce.

How to read this roadmap: The very nature of Agile software development implies that no plans are set in stone and the roadmap evolves constantly. However, we still make plans and may roughly divide them into three levels of certainty depending on the implementation timeline. This applies to our marketplace management and CRM products, too.

First comes the Upcoming version part with our our plans for the upcoming release. These plans are the most detailed and the scope of what we want to deliver within the release is more or less fixed (note that it still may change though).

Next part is our Mid-term plans. Items listed there are our priority targets for 1–2 future LTS release cycles, or roughly a year down the road. These items are less detailed, but should give you a general idea of the features we’d like to develop.

Finally, our Long-term plans is the high-level overview of what we eventually would like to add to our application, but aren’t going to work on anytime soon. This part could be a good starting point if you want to develop an extension for our Extensions Store or contribute to the application directly.

If you have more questions regarding this roadmap please contact us on our forums or join our Slack channel.

Mid-term plans

Line Items UX and Performance

  • Optimization of the performance and user experience of working with hundreds of line items in RFQs, quotes and orders.

Import / Export

  • Extended coverage of the out-of-the-box data imports to ensure that all product data can be imported via flat files without having to utilize API or UI to fill the gaps.
  • Export/import of product visibility settings.


  • Shared attachments (products, quotes, orders)
  • Converting quotes to PDF
  • Quote editing UI improvements
  • Shipping accounts

Store Frontend

  • Improved RFQ submission flow
  • Search integration improvements
  • Out-of-the-box templates for brand pages and navigation by brand.
  • Simplified aggregate and range filter views.
  • Fine-grained control of filters (sorting order, type and sidebar/top position) both on web-catalog and master catalog category levels.
  • Guest user browsing performance and JavaScript optimizations.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Improvements to the reporting engine

Product Catalog

  • Improvements to product variants price management
  • Multi-attribute ordering forms
  • Product editing UI improvements

Content Management

  • Reusable content templates.
  • Preview of content widgets.

Order & Inventory Management

  • Default workflows for orders
  • Order management UI improvements

Account Management

  • Different account types
  • Account application workflow
  • Payment terms application workflow
  • Budgets & cost center management
  • Credit limits


  • VAT ID validation
  • Tax display configuration
  • Avalara AvaTax integration

Shipping Integrations

  • FedEx shipping integration
  • USPS shipping integration

Product Types

  • Product bundling and product kits
  • Virtual goods improvements

ERP integrations

Long-term plans


  • Sales representative UI – a store frontend view optimized for trade shows and onsite visits to a customer
  • Quote templates
  • Quote and request expiration notifications, automatic task creation
  • Quote line-item discounts
  • Additional display options for quotes and orders

Product Catalog

  • Replacement items and add-ons
  • Videos and other digital assets
  • Knowledge base and document library
  • Content versioning, review and approval workflows


  • Deposits and payment schedules
  • Invoices consolidation and multiple invoices per order
  • Stored credit cards
  • Additional payment methods and integrations

Contract Management

  • Switching between contracts and price lists

Order Fulfillment

  • Multi-warehouse routing options
  • Shipping directly from suppliers to customers

Store Frontend

  • Built-in instant customer messenger
  • CDN integrations
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