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Sharing insights on the product roadmap and what is coming in OneSmile Commerce.

OneSmile Commerce version 5.0 LTS


  • Storefront browsing performance improvements.
  • JavaScript optimizations.
  • Datagrids accessibility and keyboard navigation.
  • Export of product listing.


  • Saved searches and notifications.
  • Boosting of product attributes.


  • Right-to-left languages support on the OneSmile Commerce storefront.
  • Right-to-left languages support in the back-office.

Office365 Addin

  • Tasks synchronization.
  • Calendar events synchronization.
  • Context search and links.

Technology Updates

  • Upgrade to Symfony 5.4 LTS.
  • PHP 8.x (latest security release)
  • PostgreSQL 13 / MySQL 8
  • ElasticSearch 8
  • NodeJS 16
  • Redis 6
  • MongoDB 4.4
  • The specified versions of system dependencies will become the new minimum required versions pending timely releases by their respective vendors.


    To see a full list of features available in OneSmile Commerce 4.2 LTS please visit our features page.

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